Good job, gamer! You have successfully demonstrated the careless disregard for plot, characterization, and box text it takes to ascend into the elite ranks of the BADASS DUNGEON CRUSHERS ASSOCIATION.

As an Official Member, you are now entitled to:

  • Smack talk any character at the table who is shorter than your character.
  • Invoke your Badass Aura of Awesome which gives you 10 temporary hit points and a +2 to attack and damage for the next 2d4 rounds.
  • Once per combat, declare any dice result you don’t care for to be a “cocked dice” and immediately re-roll.
  • Ignore any phrase the DM says that does not include the words “initiative,” “armor class,” “damage,” or “treasure.”
  • Respond to any inquiry about your health, well-being, or mental state with the simple, muttered rejoinder of: “I’m crushing it.”

Welcome to this exclusive tier of EPIC LEVEL Badassery. Click below to print off your Official Membership card today!


Published in: on Juni 4, 2012 at 6:54 pm  Kommentar verfassen  

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